Comic #15 - What If...? #1 - Sprite Comic

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Comic #15 - What If...? #1 - Sprite Comic
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Yeah, I was bored and did a sprite comic. Almost led to it's own mini-series, but then I decided it would suck and stopped it before it got past the first comic. Anyways, yes, for quite a while I was doing everything in MS Paint. And yes, this was a very lazy comic. But I like it anyways. And look, it's in all it's original-copy-because-I-can't-duplicate-it-to-make-it-larger glory!

I figure this will also be a good spot to rant about Sprite Comic artists. I know some people (like Fred Gallagher) have an issue with people who use sprites on comics as opposed to actually drawing them. But I don't see why someone's creative ideas should be crippled by their inability to create art with a pencil and paper. Personally, I don't tend to read sprite comics, not because I hate them, but because I've just never gotten into one. And the few I have (InSONICnia, Link's Excursions) have fallen off the face of the planet. But art is art (custom sprites are more difficult than drawing by hand to me. I don't have that patience), and a good comic, sprite or otherwise, needs creativeness to succeed. So, let the sprites be a crutch and enjoy the story as opposed to criticize the medium.

And the argument for "copyright infringement" can be thrown out the window. Even Mr. Gallagher has had a character or two from other media in his comic. Besides, there are hand-drawn comics using characters the same as a sprite comic. So let it be.