Comic #95 - Chapter Four: Settling Down

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Comic #95 - Settling Down
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Now, for every other chapter page, I've done a brand-new drawing. Something to look better. But I decided to keep the original for this one for a few reasons. First off, there was nothing wrong with it. The other three were done in colored pencil, so I couldn't really re-scan them to color in PS even if I had wanted to. But they sucked. This drawing was fine, had a plain line drawing to work with, and captured the chapter pretty good. Second, I'm lazy, and will cut corners when I can. And this worked to my advantage. Third, and most importantly, I DID draw another picture for this chapter. It sucked. I realized that of all the characters, Gregg was the most difficult for me to draw at this point, because he's pretty much the character I haven't draw in the longest time, aside from Jessie, John, and Mitchell Scott. Even though he was in the main title page, I still don't like that drawing of him. Once I changed my drawing style, something about him got lost, and I'm having problems getting that back. Oh well. I'll hope I can.