Comic #128 - Kel Loves Orange Soda!

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Comic #128 - Kel Loves Orange Soda!
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Now by my math (and by what the properties of the last comic say), this is the first Jelly Bean Sniper comic since May 1st.

...2008. Well, it's been a while. And this comic has been drawn for... oh, about a year at least. Maybe even longer. Took me 10 minutes to finish. Procrastination FTW.

Anyways, in case you didn't know, I'm working on a new comic now: The Space Between. It's pretty much better than this one, but if it weren't for JBS, I wouldn't be as good.

But I digress... keep an eye out, I only have 7 more comics to go to wrap this up. So whenever I have spare time I'll do one. And Space Between updates every Monday and Friday, so that should be plenty to keep you amused.