Comic #133 - The End

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Comic #133 - The End
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I did it.

I finished a comic.

Not ended. Not put on permanent hiatus. It's ended. Over. A complete beginning-to-end story.

It's been one long journey. A little over 14 years.

I'm only really ending this for me. I don't think there's ever really been a following, just a few people who trickled in from The Space Between, but definitely no one who's been reading since the beginning (unless you're still reading this Felix. If you are, please hit me up, we need to catch up. It's been like 12 years).

I just wanted to point to something and be able to say, "there, I followed it through until the end". It doesn't matter how long it took, or the fact that I've hated the hand-inking/shading thing since the eighth comic, or the fact that my art style kept changing every three comics due to the long time gaps in between updates. I did it. I have a completed work.

Are there loose ends? Sure, but to be fair I never planned on tying them up. Even in the scripts I've been working off of that I wrote probably nine years ago, I never intended to revisit Serena/Rex in any way... least not in this comic. Stay tuned. :)