About Jelly Bean Sniper Studios

Jelly Bean Sniper Studios originally began in December 2003 as P. Net's Comics, short for "Podo Network's" Comics. Jelly Bean Sniper began as an odd idea called Middle Man, which starred Schiz, a guy considered crazy by all, thanks to his split-personalities. However, his split personalities, Darko and Garjin, were actually other people who kept themselves hidden in his home. The comic lasted 2 issues, before I did a double issue in which George W. Bush blew up the planet, and I gave it a fresh start.

Ironically enough, the Wolf we all know and love today started off as a crappy self-insertion. Not that I look anything like Wolf, but it was how I characterized myself. The title Middle Man was kept, having Wolf take the spot of Schiz, and the split-personalities replaced by his girlfriend, Serena, and her sister, May. Originally, I meant for it to be more of an action, Link's Excursion's-esque comic. (Don't bother Googling that, the comic fell off the face of the planet somewhere around June '04.) But, thanks to the reading of Love Hina, the idea totally 360'd on me, and now you have the comic you read today.

Now, 4 years later, many things have changed. The site is presentable, the other 2 comics (Love Ninja and Uncle Sunshine) are gone (...ok, Uncle Sunshine is still up, though inactive since September '05. Beware, it is very, VERY graphic both sexually and violently. You can read it here), and Middle Man is now Jelly Bean Sniper, just to avoid confusion. So, please enjoy. As hard as that may be. And I'll promise I'll try and keep on top of things.

Shane McCarthy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a 'Jelly Bean Sniper'?
A: 'Jelly Bean Sniper' was a phrase I came up with at work when I heard someone wrong. I was doing some work at my desk, and overheard my co-worker, Dawn, say something behind me, and I could've sworn she said "Jelly Bean Sniper". So, I decided that would sound kind of cool for the comic company name, as opposed to P. Net's Comics. But Felix and Lorenzo liked P. Net's, so I just took JBS as my own comic name.

Q: How did you come up with the character's names?
A: Weird story. You see, I suck at coming up with names. So I ususally take them from what I know. Wolf got his name because he had Wolf's ears, and his last name, Keane, is the teacher's name in Powerpuff Girls. May was named as such because it seems like every anime has one, and Serena was a combination of a co-worker and of course Sailor Moon. Their last name came from the NFL's Joey Harrington. I figure he's such a crummy QB, he needed some kind of recognition. For my comic-in-the-works(?), Musouka, I named the main female protagonist Autumn Brees, after Drew Brees. I was trying to keep with the QB Busts theme, but...

Mitchell Scott was just a random name. I figured he was a loser, so he could have 2 first names. Dark Lord Charles was from Star Wars obviously. I just thought Charles was a name that totally wouldn't be considered evil enough to accompany Dark Lord. Rex Biceps was... Well, Rex seems like a name for an idiot (or a dog), and Biceps... duh?

Gregg Sycada was a character taken from my friend, Paul Ross. Gregg was the name I gave to him, which I took from the Grim Reaper in Conker's Bad Fur Day. Sycada is a different spelling of the insect Cicada. Hopefully, that clears up the pronounciation. His ex, Jessie Shapier, was actually named after Paul's real psycho ex-girlfriend. Shapier is just Sharpie spelled a little different...

C.C. Cooper I'm gonna keep a secret for now. Cooper is the name of my neighbor's dog, but the first C... Well, it's a C-cret (I should be shot for that).

Q: Why did all the dinosaurs die?
A: Because you touch yourself at night.