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Chapter One Progress


Comic Blurb: Welcome to the reboot of The Space Between!

I've decided to go against the trend for webcomics and am trying something different. You should have noticed the progress bar at the top. What I'm going to do is draw the entirety of the first chapter, then only when it is done will I start posting pages, probably three times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). I will repeat this for every chapter moving forward.

I will also make available when the chapter is complete a downloadable PDF of the ENTIRE chapter, which you can purchase for whatever I feel is a fair value (a.k.a. TBD). This way, you can plow through the whole thing instead of waiting for the pages to come down for everyone else, as well as a bonus mini-comic exclusively for those who purchase it.

This will mean times when a few months go by without any posts, but that's the point of the progress bar; I will update that at least once a week so you guys can see that I AM actually working on it. I will also provide some behind-the-scenes and preview pics to Patreon, which will be viewable to anyone who pledges at least $1 a month.

For now, please enjoy the first seven pages, and hopefully I will have this chapter complete soon.


Stompin' Grounds 2.0

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