The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: I liked the idea of having all four of them in a group shot, but I decided against what I did with JBS and I actually did it in a single picture, as opposed to a picture for each character then superimpose them together and hope for the best. And yes, Sam is copping a feel on Jack.

A couple notes for the outfits: Jack will almost always be wearing a football jersey, either NFL, college, throwback. By just going with current jerseys, there's 64 NFL (not including alternates), and 500 NCAA 1-A jerseys (Oregon is responsible for 262 of those). So I shouldn't ever have to use the same jersey twice. Also, Sam's shirt I really want to be able to manufacture & sell. Maybe one day if/when this gets a good following.

Also, posted a larger version of the picture here.

EDIT (1/25/15): This picture always cracks me up in retrospect because it shows my original plans for the characters, and how far it fell. Sam and C.J. were supposed to be swapped, with C.J. being the drunkard and Sam being a little more reserved. C.J. was supposed to be more like Kitsune from Love Hina than Sam's babysitter, and Sam was supposed to be a sort of chill musician. Neither happened. (C.J. is actually supposed to be drunk in this picture). Jack really stayed the same, but Frank was supposed to be more of a COD-gamer, and he was supposed to be more confident as he was a few years older than everyone else and he was going to take on the older brother role. Now that I've explained it, this picture makes a lot more sense, eh?


Stompin' Grounds

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